Frequently Asked Questions

/Frequently Asked Questions

A gaming or geek bar is a place where all of us gaming, sci-fi and fantasy fans can get together and share great drinks and food together while playing, watching and talking about all things related.  We promote a social atmosphere more so than other bars as we bond over our love of games and fandoms!  Want to try the newest game on your favourite console?  We got it!  Want to go out with your friends and get a good drink and meet some like minded people?  We do that too!

Power Up Bar wants to provide you with a cool gaming experience and social atmosphere for young adults to hang out with your friends and meet new ones!  We have a delicious cocktail menu and a large selection of craft beers brewed locally.  Pair that with mouth-watering shareable dishes and you’ve got a great place to play the newest (and oldest) games with friends.  No where else in the city can you get this awesome mix of great games, events, food and drink with a modern and adult vibe!

Yes we only allow patrons who are 19 years of age or older.  We are a space that caters to adults!

Unlike many corners of the internet we’re very inclusive and welcome all gamers regardless of skill level! Even if you couldn’t get by the first level of Mario Brothers 20 years ago our staff can probably find something you’ll enjoy! You can also cruise around with an amazing drink in your hand and watch and socialise with others playing.

Power Up Bar is a great place to bring all your friends and play together so you can show them all what a pro gamer you are! You’re sure to find other girls and guys with a similar passion for gaming.

We have a variety of the newest consoles as well as some older generation machines. Consoles include the Wii and WiiU, XBoxOne and XBox 360, Playstation 3 and 4, Steambox and a rotation of older generation consoles with your old favourites! Power Up Bar’s focus is mostly on fun cooperative games with a few competitive titles thrown in as well but if we don’t have something you think would be awesome to have just let the staff know and we’ll likely pick it up for next time you’re in!

Power Up Bar does not charge you anything extra to play at an available console – we only ask that you respect us, fellow patrons and the equipment during busy times by freeing up space for other paying customers when you’ve finished your drinks and meal.

At Power Up Bar, we have an extensive library from the newest titles to some of the classics and the equipment to boot. We ask that you refrain from bringing your own laptops, games and controllers.

Monday: 5:00pm – Midnight
Tuesday: 5:00pm – Midnight
Wednesday: 5:00pm – Midnight
Thursday: 5:00pm – Midnight
Friday: 5:00pm – 2:00am
Saturday: 5:00pm – 2:00am
Sunday: Closed

We absolutely love gaming, live streaming and e-sports events here at Power Up Bar! At nearly every point in the day you’ll be able to watch your favourite events and for big e-sports tournaments we will be hosting awesome parties for all you guys and gals to celebrate and watch!

During big events in the city (like FanExpo and one of our many cons) we will be hosting great parties. Also while large E-sports events are running or your favourite geeky show is premiering a new episode, Power Up Bar will be showing them all! So make sure you come and check it out and meet people who love all those things as much as you do!

During week nights we’ll be hosting special events like hearthstone or fighting game tournaments with some more casual trivia and word game nights occasionally.

Of course we would love to have you! Just contact us and we would be happy to accommodate you and make your event something unique and special!